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Thoughts on Savvy Programming

Dear Savvy Traveler:

I am not a traveler and am not likely to become one. I am an avid listener to [public radio]. I am not a regular listener to your show, but I've run across it often enough. I find that there are two aspects to is thoughtful commentary. I listen to NPR because of the abundance of the latter, which you are more than capable of providing. I hate to hear the former and urge you to move away as often as possible from merely peddling silly purchases (with cute voices) to the few who can afford them and from filling air space with irritating segments of "my funniest travel story" or some permutation on the theme. If the moron who was nearly stranded on the Amazon when his drunk guide tackled an alligator wants to chuckle about that darned trip, let him do it in a bar with his drinking pals. There are too many reporters, writers, workers, and just plain travelers with compelling, meaningful life-stories to tell to waste time on these pointless anecdotes.

Bill Radl


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