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On the Uhuroo Highway Kenya

I spent a summer in Kenya while I was in college. My sister was stationed there with the U.N., so I saved up my pennies and went to see her. We did all those wonderful safaris...yet the best part of the my time there was tooling around Nairobi on my own in the land rover while my sister was at work. I would drive in all directions exploring.

After one jaunt into a tea plantation, I was driving back to Gigiri coming home when I saw a hitchhiker about 30 minutes outside of town. I pulled over and told the guy to jump in. I had not noticed but sitting next to him were 4 Kenyans. So when the hiker got in every one else jumped in as well. I was a bit afraid at first. But after the doors slammed shut and the packages were piled into the back, I turned around and found four of the widest smiles i have ever seen. They were accompanied buy a hearty round of "jambo sanas!" and "habare!" I took them all to the round-about where I got off to pick up my sister and let them out. I never noticed the practice but it appeared to be a common habit. I was a Kenyan for a day. I guess cramming into a land rover is a lot better than those awful matatu busses the locals take. Roger was the hitchhiker; he was from Australia. I never got the other guys names. It was an everyday occurrence but I won't ever forget it.




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