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Shopping with the Pros

Shopping with the Pros
Interview with Suzy Gershman

Listen with RealAudio: Shopping with the Pros

Suzy Gershman's books Suzy Gershman is lady in search of a bargain. She's a savvy shopper. A journalist and author, she's written on the subject of fashion, retailing, and travel since the seventies. But Suzy's best known for her Born to Shop guide series, published by Frommers. That series covers the shopping scene in places like Hong Kong, Italy, Great Britain and the Caribbean. She's also written a guide to shopping in Manhattan -- her hometown. When she's not writing about shopping, Suzy leads shopping tours so fast paced that participants are warned they better be able to run while waving their credit cards!

Suzy Gershman's book Born to Shop France is available from Amazon.com.



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