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So many places to go...so little time. Today we've relived some of our funnier, thoughtful and more tragic moments on The Savvy Traveler. There's just a few more stops I'd like to make before we wrap up the year...beginning with one of the most romantic...a postcard from our own Fritz Faerber...

by Fritz Faerber

Listen with RealAudio: White nights

"To the south, I could see thousands of stars. Andrea and I had many adventures, but none could compare with the white nights, creating the illusion that our last night in St. Petersburg could go on forever."

And most inspirational moments are just that...fleeting. But here's the beauty of radio; sometimes... you can be transported back to a place by immersing yourself in its sounds...like the time Jim Metzner brought us to Marrakesh, Morocco.

by Jim Metzner

Listen with RealAudio: Journey to Marrakesh

There's a certain electricity in the air that occurs whenever humans gather together in one spot, and there are places on earth which are designed to attract and contain this collective energy. We call them commons, town squares, arenas, and over the years, certain of these places have achieved legendary status, not the least of which is the Djemaa El Fnan in Marrakesh, Morocco.

The Djemaa El Fnan is, for many, the heart of the city. A central gathering place where tourists mingle with the local folks.

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