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We've Come a Long Way, Baby

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Hard to believe, but this week, back in 1889, a newspaper reporter named Nellie Bly set a record by going around the world in only 72 days. The adventure was suggested by the book

Today you can make the trip in only two days while someone serves you meals and you watch an in-flight movie. So next time you complain about cramped coach seats or plastic meals, remember, this is progress. Travel used to be reserved for the rich. Today you can book a ticket to Asia and back for as little as $500. We'll probably see some round-trip fares between London and the East Coast this winter as low as $200. Which means more people can go to more places and learn about different cultures than ever before in history.

Oh, and one more thing that proves we're making progress: Neither Ms. Bly nor Mr. Fogg got frequent flyer miles.


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