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Bright Lights, Big City

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Bright Lights Big City

Two of my favorite cities join the Savvy Traveler family this week -- Miami and Las Vegas -- two places that are constantly re-inventing themselves. Both specialize in excitement and interesting architecture. If you've ever been to Miami's Ocean Avenue in the South Beach section, you know that the passing parade is better than most movies that are out these days. And the Art Deco buildings along Ocean Drive are national treasures.

And hotels the size of cities -- some actually replicas of cities -- keep opening in Las Vegas. It's America's fastest-growing town. Increasingly sophisticated stage shows and restaurants keep full planes flying in and out of the city. And if you think it's only a place of bright lights, well, you've never gone for a leisurely hike through that outdoor cathedral of multi-hued cliffs called Red Rock Canyon. It's a short drive west from the strip, but a world apart, especially at sunset, as the colors change from moment to moment.

We're delighted these two cities are traveling with today. And their listeners should feel right at home during our first stop, because it combines some of the best elements of both these cities: chorus lines...showmanship...fantastic Art Deco design. But it's neither Miami nor Vegas. Remember Radio City Music Hall?


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