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Looking Back

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Looking Back

Two years--that's how old we are this weekend. And it's amazing to realize we've only just begun to cover the world. The Savvy Traveler was born in August, one of the world's premier travel months. It's a most appropriate birthday for a radio show whose avowed purpose is to make you feel like you're traveling even if you're at home doing dishes.

We've heard the shouts of auctioneers at Tokyo's fish market, walked carefully and thoughtfully through Cambodia. Rode the rails in luxury up the South African coast. We also traveled through time with the help of a vintage cocktail shaker collection. And we've gone biking through India and Bhutan.

And a lots happened in the travel industry since we began. National debates about the size of carry-on luggage and air rage have become commonplace. The skies have become more crowded, and in five months we'll know if the Y2K bug is more myth than menace.

And through it all, our show has been made richer by you. Your calls filled with humor, poignancy, and insight have taken me places I'd never imagined. Today the Savvy Traveler is broadcast on 165 stations coast-to-coast, and things promise to get more interesting as our listenership grows--WMRA in Harrisburg, Virginia, and WJCT in Jacksonville, Florida, just signed aboard. We hope you're enjoying the journey as much as we are. And we hope that this travel month of August has you at least thinking about some journeys of your own.


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