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Cyber Honeymoon

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Have you heard about this new online service called Cyber-Chapel? You can actually propose, get married, and even get divorced on line. Seems the next logical conclusion is: You don't have to take a honeymoon together, either. Let's say your betrothed wants to lounge on a Caribbean beach. You hate the beach. You want to go to a big city in Europe.

No problem. You go to Rome, she goes to St. Barts. Try to set some time aside each evening when you can both go on line and talk about the day and, of course, your deep love for one another. Take snaps with a digital camera and zap them back and forth. You can see the view of the water from her honeymoon suite while she can see how the restoration work on the Coliseum is coming along.

Virtual travel is nothing new, but online marriages and online honeymoons, now those are very cutting edge. With a fast enough modem, a big enough color monitor, and a heart full of love, why, it's almost like being there.



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