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A Traveler's Regret

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Have you ever made new friends while on vacation, taken their pictures, and promised to send a copy? More to the point, have you ever not sent along that copy? Just the other day I got back some pictures from a quick trip to the Caribbean. In the three days I was there, I met two lovely couples--one from New York the other from London. And I just sent both couples pictures of themselves smiling happily in the Caribbean sun.

But lots of times, I don't follow through. Ever happen to you? I start out so well-intentioned but, before I know it, life takes over and, well, you know the tune. I think it's a commentary on how intense personal bonds can form while traveling. And how quickly we're able to return to our normal lives and forget the best of intentions. So allow me to say "I'm sorry" to everyone to whom I haven't forwarded pictures. To the Hills, that lovely British family my son and I met last summer in Burgandy. To the Bedouin woman I photographed a decade ago in the Sinai desert. To my guide in Kenya. My photo collection is filled with the faces of people I've let down, people I guiltily imagine going to their mailboxes each morning, wondering when those pictures will be arriving. Don't worry. I've got them. Right here safely in my dresser drawers.



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