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This week, Family Bargains!

Deal of the Week: Family Bargains (12/14/2001)

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Deal of the Week 12/14

Diana: We've been talking about different generations traveling together today, so I've asked Rudy Maxa, our travel expert-in-residence, if he has any intergenerational travel deals for us. And you know Rudy - he never disappoints. Hi, Rudy.

Rudy: Hi, Diana.

Diana: Now, Rudy, sometimes you need to get away by yourself, but mostly, traveling with a friend or family member makes life on the road more fun, don't you think?

Rudy: I couldn't agree more. And some airlines and hotels encourage that togetherness by offering an extra incentive to you to bring someone along.

Diana: Give us some examples.

Rudy: Well, if you're planning a trip with the kids before the end of the year, the Omni Hotels group will give you a second room free on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

Diana: Not bad. Now, you've traveled quite a bit with your kids, haven't you? You biked through Turkey with your son this summer, as I recall.

Rudy: It was a great trip. We booked it through Backroads, out of Berkeley, California. They just came out with a new catalogue of 2002 family adventures. Some of these trips even have "kid coordinators" who plan special activities for very young kids. Kids traveling with parents get big price breaks: 75 percent off for kids under two, 40 percent off for kids 3 to 6, and so on.

Diana: What about airfares?

Rudy: Major airlines often have special sales. Right now, for example, Northwest has a "Family & Friends" offer that gives you 35 percent of advance-purchase fares when you travel with a family member or friend.

Diana: How far in advance do you have to buy those tickets?

Rudy: 14 days. You have to stay over a Saturday night and cannot travel on Sunday. Now, if you'd like to go somewhere warm over the holidays, a family vacation specialist called Vacation Kids will send you to Mexico on the cheap.

Here's the deal: You depart from the East Coast just before New Year's. Adults spend a week at Cancun's Blue Bay Club for just $800 each. Kids 11 and under pay just $500. But get this - those prices include lodging, all meals, almost all leisure activities and airfare - though airfare varies depending on your departure city.

Diana: Now that's what I call "family values." Great deals, Rudy. Thanks a bunch. Like I said, you never disappoint. See you next week?

Rudy: See you then, Diana.

Savvy Resources:

Web site info:

Omni Hotel complimentary second room offer on weekends: 800-THE-OMNI.

Backroads Family Programs: www.backroads.com or 800-GO-ACTIVE

Northwest Airlines "Friends & Family" fares: www.nwa.com (Click on "New Everyday Deals Are Here")

Vacation Kids: Family vacations to Mexico and elsewhere, click on "last-minute vacations at www.vacationkids.com or call 610-681-7360.

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