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It's no secret that getting America traveling again has led to a spate of special offers. We're joined by our travel expert in residence, Rudy Maxa...

Deal of the Week: Caribbean Deals (10/19/2001)

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Diana: Rudy, I'd imagine finding a deal of the week isn't as difficult right now as it is sometimes, yes?

Rudy: No question, Diana. You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes. Let's talk Caribbean. The deals are compounded there because we're heading into hurricane season, so airlines and resorts are facing not only the general downturn in travel but also the specific threat of weather.

Diana: What does happen if a hurricane hits the day you're planning to head south for your dream Caribbean vacation?

Rudy: The rules vary with each hotel, but most will refund your money fully. Same with the airlines. But it's still a risk. So prices are set to convince you to come on down.

For example, Hilton Hotels throughout the region are knocking 40 percent off prices until the end of the year. US Airways Vacations offers hotel and air packages through fall. Check the major travel web sites - Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz - for last-minute deals, too. But I've talked to two resorts that will offer special deals just to our listeners.

The first is on the tiny island of Nevis, just off St. Kitts. The Mount Nevis Hotel & Resort is a lush, lovely, family-run hotel with pool that will match the number of nights any of our listeners stay with the same number of free nights. That's subject to a minimum of three paid nights.

Diana: So that's really half off six nights, isn't it?

Rudy: It is. Except for the December holidays, this offer to Savvy Traveler listeners is good 'til mid-February. And room rates range between $165 to $300 a night.

Now, if you like remote, head down to the Turks and Caicos and take a ten-minute flight to the island of Middle Caicos where the Blue Horizon Resort will rent you your own cottage. You'll be in the middle of Nowhere, but Nowhere happens to boast the most incredible beach and sunsets you'll see anywhere in the world. There are no restaurants, no stores - your food will be bought and waiting for you when you arrive. This is a total getaway for anyone who wants to catch up on reading or a relationship. If you identify yourself as Savvy Traveler listener, you'll be able to stay seven nights and only pay for five, for a total week's cost of $900. There are several larger homes available for rent for more.

Diana: Sign me up for either right about now, Rudy.

Rudy: If there's an extra seat on the plane, I'd love to join!

Diana: Talk to you next week, Rudy.

Savvy Resources:

Find out more about the Blue Horizon Resort at www.bhresort.com or call 649-946-6141.

Learn more about the Mount Nevis Hotel & Resort at www.mountnevishotel.com or call 800-75-NEVIS.

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