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Deal of the Week: Travel and Save...People's Jobs (10/5/2001)

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This is the part of the show where, normally, Rudy brings us the Deal of the Week. Rudy’s on vacation this week, but the deals aren’t. Now, I know many of you might be reluctant to travel. September 11th is still a little too fresh. But the travel industry wants to change your mind. It has to. Hotel occupancy rates have plunged, planes are flying half full, and restaurants are desperate for diners. In short, the industry is begging for travelers, and it’s slashing prices to stimulate your wanderlust.

So where are the deals? A better question is, where aren’t the deals. You’d have a hard time paying full price for anything these days … even if you wanted to. Got a craving for Vegas? How about two nights at the Mirage for 84 bucks? Wanna lounge on the beach? Well, for 546 bucks - and that includes airfare - you can spend four balmy nights at Hawaii’s Aston Islander in Kauai. And if you really want to support shell-shocked New York, go visit Gotham. They could use some tourists...and they’ll make it worth your while. Many Broadway shows have slashed prices 50 percent, Gray Line has steeply discounted sightseeing tours, and for a measly 10 bucks, you can get a three-course meal at Tavern on the Green.

Wondering how you’ll get to your destination? Well, if you’re willing to spend a little time cruising the major travel web sites, you’ll find plenty of airfare bargains...like the deals National Airlines is offering. National has “Get America Flying” fares from 25 to 100 bucks, roundtrip. An example: Seventy-five smackers flies you from Vegas to New York. Better yet, Delta Airlines is sending 10,000 lucky travelers to New York FREE as part of a “Delta Loves New York” nationwide giveaway.

So go power up the computer, dig the Samsonite out of the closet, and remember, you’re not just taking a trip, you’re saving someone’s job. How’s that for an excuse to travel? Rudy will be back next week with more wallet-friendly ways to hit the road.

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