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Deal of the Week: Travel Well by Doing Good (7/6/2001)

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Earlier, I told you about some great opportunities to countries like Jordan and Ireland. That could have been the deal of the week, but it wasn't. So, what gives? Well, how many times do you get to travel well while doing good?

Here's the situation. There's a web site that allows you to bid on exotic and exciting vacations, but it's not you average vacation web site. It's called generousadventures-dot-com, and it was started by an Alaskan woman as a way of raising money to benefit environmental causes. Travel providers actually donate items such as three nights lodging on a plantation in St. Lucia in the West Indies...or a rafting, hiking, mountain biking vacation in Thailand...or a stay at an eco-lodge in Costa Rica.

Now, does the donation part of it make for an inexpensive way to get to these places? Sally Oberstein, the site's founder says Yes. She tells me most packages go for less than the retail price, some go for far less. But even if you do end up in some kind of bidding war and you pay the normal amount, you shouldn't feel bad...because the trips are all donated, it allows http://www.generousadventures.com to give all the proceeds to green charities - like the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Waterkeeper alliance.

Click on http://www.generousadventures.com and you can bid on holidays in categories including resorts and lodging, outdoor adventures, nature and wildlife and "exotic vacations." You bid in increments of $25, and you're automatically notified by e-mail if you're outbid or if you win. That's my deal of the week...I'll see you next week!

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Here's that URL again: http://www.generousadventures.com

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