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Deal of the Week: The Least Expensive Exotic Vacation Around (6/15/2001)

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A few weeks ago I told you about some spring deals to selected Club Meds. But there's some breaking news - the French-based, all-inclusive resort company has just unveiled something completely different. It's ideal for anyone looking for a very inexpensive vacation and a way to practice French. It's also a great way to make some French friends.

The company plans to open a series of resorts in North Africa and the Middle East that will return Club Med to its roots-simple lodging and transportation at a very cheap price. The first club opens this week on the tropical coast of Tunisia. $360 per person gets you round trip airfare from Paris, seven night's lodging, recreation, all meals and unlimited wine with meals. Yes, you heard correctly: $360 for everything for a week.

The concept is called OYYO - that's spelled O-Y-Y-O-and the letters stand for absolutely nothing. At Camp OYYO, you'll live in a bathing suit and t-shirt. Maid service is once a week. You fly from Paris via chartered jumbo jet. Only French is spoken. Only during the peak French vacation month of August do prices go up to about $500 for the week. You can buy tickets only on line or at a Paris OYYO office. Check out this radical new vacation concept at oyyo.com and see if you think it's worth getting yourself to Paris!

The least expensive exotic vacation around-OYYO, oh, boy! - that's my deal of the week.

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That website again: oyyo.com

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