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Deal of the Week: Late Spring Airline Sales

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I've got a carry-on bag filled with airline deals, and they may be the last ones before prime summer travel fares kick in, so listen up. First of all, in a bid to recoup business lost because of the threat of a pilots' strike, Delta slashed certain domestic and international fares as much as 50 per cent this week. And the competition, including American and United, followed suit. You're going to have to check to see if anyone is flying your way at a deep discount, but you must buy tickets seven to 21 days in advance. And the sale ends next Friday, the 11th.

Special fares often crop up when an airline inaugurates new service, and here are two deals that fit that bill. To publicize its new, overnight fares between New York and Seattle, JetBlue is offering tickets as low as 2-60 round trip! Even walk-up fares don't go for more than $300 each way. That's about 75 per cent less than last-minute fares on the competition. And with JetBlue, no Saturday night stay is ever required.

And British Midland kicks off new service between Manchester, England, and Chicago and Washington, DC. Introductory fares: $399 round trip. That's for travel Monday through Thursday . . . travel must begin by June 30th, but here's the most important part: Buy your tickets by May 21st.

And there you have it - late spring airline sales-my deals of the week!

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