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Deal of the Week

July 22, 2000

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The Platinum American Express Card

Why in the world would you ever pay $300 dollars a year for the priveledge of carrying a charge card? I can only think of one reason and one card. It's the Platinum American Express Card but it's not for everyone. This Deal of the Week is aimed at the business traveler or the leisure traveler who has plenty of money but doesn't necessarily want to pay retail. The lure of the Platinum Amex Card is it's "two-fer" program. It gives you a free business or free first-class ticket on major international airlines along with the purchase of a single ticket in the same class of service. Just a few of the participants in the free ticket plan include Aeromexico, Alitalia, Asiana, Continental, Lufthansa, SAS and Swissair. With those airlines, you can almost cover the globe. The small print? Well, the deal is available in business class in all those airlines, first class in only some of them. There are blackout dates for some of the airlines but overall the program is very generous. And you and your companion must travel together. Obviously, if you picked up a companion ticket that would normally cost $2,000 or $3,000, that $300 dollar annual card fee is well worth it.

Free companion tickets in the front of the plane from AMEX. That's my Deal of the Week!

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