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May 15, 1999

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Cheaper Peak Airfare to Europe

Everyone knows that summer means peak season airfares to Europe. But if you can decide on your travel dates now, and if you're willing to travel mid-week, you can lock in some terrific deals on Air France out of New York and Newark.

Ready for the rules? But of course! OK, you can buy these discounted tickets from now until Wednesday, May 19th. Travel is good in the heart of the summer, between July 11th and August 11th. Travel midweek between New York or Newark to Paris and you'll pay $648 round trip before taxes. Air France promises that's about $200 less than you're going to pay if you buy the same ticket later. Similar deals are good for travel to Austria, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland. If you have to travel on a weekend, figure on paying about 50 bucks more.

And here's a tip: If Air France can't accommodate you, check the competition--sometimes rival airlines will drop their fares to match an announced sale like this one. But remember, you have to act by Wednesday.

Europe on Air France for less--that's my Deal of the Week!

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Is American taking AAdvantage?
The Department of Justice charged American Airlines with predatory pricing this week. A lawsuit claims that the nation's second largest air carrier has been driving smaller carriers, like Vanguard, out of business at the Dallas-Fort Worth International airport. It charges that American has been adding flights and cutting fares, then raising fares again once competitors were shut out.

In response, American says the allegations are unwarranted, and go against the very essence of free market competition. The airline claims it's just doing what any business would do in a highly competitive industry. We asked Joe Brancatelli from Biztravel.com for his take on the matter...is American just doing good business?

Brancatelli: "I would venture to say that throwing five flights a day between Dallas and Wichita with jet service, when before a competitor came in, they were flying a couple of flights a day with little prop planes, looks to me like pushing a competitor out of business as opposed to clean business.

Attorney General Janet Reno says that "It's the public who loses out when major airlines succeed in driving low-cost competitors out."

Tenuous US-China Relations
The mistaken bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, followed by protests against the U.S. embassy in Beijing, has prompted the State Department to issue a warning for Americans traveling to China. John Mikton has lived in China for the last three years, teaching at the Western Academy of Beijing. He says he personally feels safe and the embassy hasn't recommended evacuating, but...

Mikton: "I think if you're coming fresh in from the states and you've never been in China, and you don't speak the language, this might not be the best time. I don't think there would be any overt violence or anything but you might find sometimes things a little more difficult or people questioning if you're American or not."

John says a big blues festival was just cancelled because American acts decided not to come. The Boston Symphony also cancelled a concert date in China. But John adds that he also sees this as a way for the Chinese to focus energy, angst, and pro-Chinese sentiment as they anticipate the Tiannamen Square anniversary this upcoming week.

With other news you need to know before traveling, here's Sarah Gardner with this week's Travel Advisory.

Travel Advisory
by Sarah Gardner

Fatal Landslide in Hawaii
One of Hawaii's most popular and spectacular hiking spots is closed indefinitely after a fatal landslide killed seven tourists on Mother's Day. Another 13 people were hospitalized after gigantic boulders came crashing down in Sacred Falls State Park, which is about 30 miles north of Honolulu. This was the worst hiking accident in Hawaiian history.

Flooding Causes Delays in Switzerland
Heavy rains in Switzerland brought the Rhine River to it's highest level in 100 years. Retuers news service reported that the flooding was causing major delays in train travel near the capital of Berne. The exceptionally high waters are being blamed on a combination of a wet spring, and snowfall in February that was the heaviest in decades.

Uganda Reportedly Safer for Tourists
But better news in Uganda, where the United States Ambassador was recently seen trekking in the Bwindi Park gorilla habitat. Authorities say security is now good...you may remember that earlier this year, eight tourists were murdered in the area by rebel Hutu forces.


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