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Traveler's Aid: Family Reunions (5/24/2002)

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We get a lot of listener mail asking about one of the most popular summer things to do: family reunions. Over 20 million people will visit 400,000 reunion events this year -- cruises, dude ranch getaways, picnics in the park. There are a lot of great resources to help you plan your own reunion, from top to bottom.

First, here are some good books: "Family Reunion Handbook" by Tom Ninkovich, and "Your Family Reunion: How to plan, organize and enjoy it" by George Morgan. Both have time tables, worksheets, even where to get the T-Shirts -- everything.

There are also a lot of Web sites out there to help you -- Reuniontips.com is a good one, as is FamilyTravelForum.com. And, there are many travel agents who specialize in family travel.

We have lots of good advice, for planners and attendees alike. And Craig Richards from Familyreunion.com shares his insights as well.

Savvy Resources:


Bo Mcoy runs the Hatfield-McCoy Reunion Festival: •www.reunionfestival.com

Good family reunion resources:

Check out these books on Amazon.com:
"Your Family Reunion: How to Plan It, Organize It, and Enjoy It"
Family Reunion Handbook : A Complete Guide for Reunion Planners

To find a travel agent you specializes in Family Travel, go to www.astanet.com and click on "Travelers" at the top. Then enter your zip code in the form.

If you'd like us to address your travel questions or concerns, send us an email. Or call us at 888-SAV-TRAV.

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