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Travelers' Aid

Online Update
June 17, 2000

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Okay, I understand. You're sick of all the talk about "Internet this" and "Internet that." I mean, one of the reasons everyone gets so tired of the Internet is that it just doesn't work the way you want it to. Who has time to wade through so many websites that basically serve as multi-media advertisements, just to get to the few helpful sites out there? What we really all need is our own personal tour guide to the web.

Well, for this week's Travelers Aid segment, I wanted to talk to a real expert about a few very useful sites out there. So I called Laura Bly. Laura's a travel writer with USA Today and every week, she writes a column about the good stuff she's found on the Net.

Now, one my favorite new sites is flight arrivals.com. Here you can plug in the airline, the flight number, or if you don't have the flight number, the airport and the scheduled arrival time, and the website gives you the most up to date information about when that flight's really getting in. Now that's a great thing. Laura has a few more. Listen in.

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