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Travelers' Aid

Healthy Summer Travels
June 3, 2000

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It's time to start planning your summer adventure, and for this week's Travelers' Aid segment, I want to look for ways to stay healthy on the road. More and more, danger lurks in places you can't detect, or would never have guessed. Like airplane food, for example.

I asked Charles Platkin, he's the editor and CEO of eFit.com. That's a fitness web site that recently published an industry-wide survey of airplane food. Charles found that the average on-board meal has over 1,000 calories, over 50 grams of fat and more than 2,000 milligrams of sodium. That's more than a Big Mac, fries, and a strawberry sundae!

I also wanted to know about the hidden menace lurking at many of our nation's beaches: water pollution. Walter MacLeod and his organization "The Clean Beaches Council" are working to improve our waterways. This year marks the inauguration of the Blue Wave Campaign, a national environmental certification process. So far, 30 beaches nationwide have been inspected and approved. I asked Walter what symptoms you should watch out for, should you unknowingly swim at a polluted beach.

But what if you're not headed to the beach this summer? Dr. Daniel Carlin runs the world's first tele-clinic for travelers. It's called World Clinic, and he gives medical advice ranging from where to find a pharmacy in Delhi to, get this, he once guided a ship's captain through a complicated medical procedure, all done over the Internet. Dr. Carlin says there are a few simple ways to avoid a massive headache when you get sick on the road.

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