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Travelers' Aid

This Week: Airline Strike!
March 18, 2000

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Doesn't it seem like every few years or so, there's some kind of labor problem in the airline industry? A couple of years ago, the American Airlines pilots went on strike, and now it's US Airways and their flight attendants. Well, we've gotten a lot of calls and emails from people who have US Airways tickets either on or after March 25, that's the strike deadline for negotiations. For this week's Traveler's Aid, I wanted to look at options. What can someone holding a US Airways ticket do? Well, I called Dave Kasselvetter, a spokesman for the airline. Now, the flight attendants have said they're not going to completely walk-out, only strike on certain specific flights. So I wanted to find out why the airline is choosing to shut itself down, rather than fly some planes after the strike deadline.

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