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Best Credit Card for Frequent Flier Miles
February 26, 2000

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These days you can get a corporate sponsored credit card for just about anything. Cards from GM let you earn discounts for certain car services, the Rolling Stones have one that gives some rockin' deals on merchandise and tickets, and almost every airline has teamed up with a credit card company of some kind. The deal with these cards is to earn frequent flyer miles when you spend. But there's such a bewildering amount of features available that searching for the perfect card can become quite a headache. So we thought we'd save you some of the trouble. We caught up with Lorrie Berger as she was traveling with her cell phone. Lorrie's the editor of Consumer Reports Travel Newsletter. One of the latest issues ranks cards according to frequent flyer programs. She says Delta's card is among the best.

Now, if you're the kind of person who wants to play the miles game there's a place on the web you can go to roll the dice. Chris Schultz runs eyeoncredit.com, an online service devoted to ranking credit cards. He agrees that Delta has a good deal, but when it comes to miles he said he's a fan of the Nextcard Visa.

You know, I have to say, I really like the Diners Club Card. It offers a decent A.P.R. and a good plan -- one mile for every dollar you spend. And I can use my miles on just about any airline.

Savvy Resources for Credit Cards:


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