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Special Information for the week of February 14, 1998

Rocket Travel

Are you a little jaded as a traveler -- feel like you've been there, done that? Then there's a company in Seattle that's looking for you to be among the first tourists rocketed into space. Liftoff is set for December 2001 and as The Savvy Traveler's Tom Banse tells us company officials insist this is not a joke.

Q&A II -- General Caller Questions

Tours of Prehistoric Caves in Spain and France:
Adventure Center Tours: 800-227-8747; Camino Tours: 800-938-9311.

Books on Santa Fe Art:
Art in Santa Fe: A Guide published by Lakeshore Press; How To See La Villa Real de Santa Fe, published by Sun Stone Press.

How to get Married Abroad:
Weddings On the Move: 800-444-6967

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