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Special Information for the week of January 10, 1998

Travel Update

Star Trek: The Experience

Q&A II -- General Caller Questions

Travel for Singles:

Newsletter: "Connecting" 604-737-7791

Books: Single Traveler's Guide to Adventure on the High Seas (Marin Publications); Single's Guide to Cruise Vacations (Prima Publications)

Road Maps of South America:

American Maps: South America;

International Travel Map Series: South America -- both are in stock at Travel Books in Washington D.C. For mail orders call 800-220-2665

Discount Travel for Students:

STA Travel 800-777-0112;

Council Travel 800-226-8624

Guide to Air Courier Travel, by Kelly Monaghan

Family Friendly Cruises:

Premiere Cruise Line "The Big Red Boat" and Dolphin Cruises "Ocean Breeze" -- both can be reached at 800-222-1003; Princess Cruise Line "Save Our Seas" 800-421-0522;

Disney's Cruise Line: 800-951-3532;

"Cruise Vacations with Kids" by Candyce Stapen (Prima Publishers)

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