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Special Information for the week of November 01, 1997

Psychic Town

Topic:Psychic Town Lily Dale

Keywords: Occult, psychic, travel

Description:Web site for town full of psychics


Fear of Flying

Topic: Fear of Flying

Keywords: Fear, flying, programs

Description: Some programs to help with fear of flying:

Phone: SOAR: 1-800-FEAR-FLY; Pegasus: 1-800-FEAR-NOT; Psychology of Air Travel: 1-617-437-1811

Best Dressed

Topic: Best Dressed: 250 Years of Style

Keywords: Fashion, museum, exhibit, style, Philadelphia

Description: Exhibit of 250 years of style

Phone: 1-888-847-4883.

Q&A II -- General Questions

Topic: Trekking in the Himalayas:

Keywords: Himalayas, mountains, trekking, climbing, adventure

Description: Two companies that specialize in travel to the Himalayas

Phone: Geographic Expeditions 1-415-922-0448; Bhutan Travel 1-800-950-9908


Keywords: Hostels, bargain, cheap, lodging

Description: Hostel organization

Phone: 1-202-783-6161

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