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Special Information for the week of September 20, 1997


Topic: Cruise and Freighter Travel Association
Keywords: Freighter cruise cheap travel ocean
Phone Number: 800-872-8584
Web Site:

Topic: Country Western Dancing
Keywords: Dancing country western cowgirls honky-tonk
Phone Number:

Topic: US Amateur Ballroom Dancers Association Orange County Chapter
Keywords: Ballroom dancing
Phone Number: 714-532-4829
Web Site:

Topic: Nevada Nuclear Test Site
Keywords: Cold War travel nuclear test site Nevada
Description: UC-Irvine history professor, Jon Weiner's story, "Cold War Tourism -- Western Style" appears in the October 7, 1997 issue of The Nation magazine
Phone Number: 702-295-0944
Web Site:

Topic: Museum of Death
Keywords: San Diego Museum of Death
Phone Number: 619-338-8153
Web Site:

Topic:Presidential Travel
Keywords: presidential travel Robert Reich
Description: "Locked in The Cabinet," is $25 and is published by Alfred Knopf.
Phone Number:
Web Site:

Topic: Baywatch Cruise
Keywords: Baywatch cruise Princess
Description: Baywatch theme cruise on Princess Cruise Lines
Phone Number: 1-800-774-6237
Web Site:

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