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Destination of the week: New Zealand
December 19, 2003
Want to take a trip to New Zealand, but donít know where to start? Weíve supplied some links to help get you there as well as Web resources on what to do and see, whether youíre interested in New Zealandís culture or its tendency toward wild activities.

Links to places in contributor Dmae Robertsís story "Traveling into Middle Earth"

www.theembassytheatretrust.org.nz: "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" red carpet news, on Embassy Theatre site, Wellington

www.hobbitontours.com: Hobbiton Movie Set tours, Matamata

www.maoriculture.co.nz: Tamaki Maori Village site, Rotorua

www.wai100.com: Wai musical group, Wellington

www.dartriver.co.nz: Dart River Jetboat Safaris, Glenorchy

www.penguins.co.nz: Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony

www.tepapa.govt.nz: Te Papa Museum, Wellington

www.purenz.com: Tourism New Zealand site

www.akmuseum.org.nz: Auckland War Memorial Museum

www.buriedvillage.co.nz: Buried Village, Rotorua

stories1st.org: for more Dmae Roberts stories

Links to help you explore New Zealand's wacky adventures
Information about the activities discussed in Diana Nyadís interview with Gregg Anderson, of Tourism New Zealand.

www.tourism.net.nz: Adventure links, on the New Zealand Tourism Online site

www.flybywire.co.nz: the Fly by Wire adventure ride

travel.newzealand.com: Multisport activities in New Zealand

Travel cheaply to and within New Zealand
www.travelmaxia.com: Travel, lodging and tours, on the Travel Maxia site

www.breakawaynz.com: Travel by car, motorhome, air, on the BreakawayNZ.com site

www.airnz.co.nz: deals and flights, on the Air New Zealand site

www.best-cheap-flight-deals.co.uk: Flight deals, on the Best Deals site

www.cheap-flight-to.com: More flight deals, on the Cheap-Flights-To.com site

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