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Rundown for the Week of August 31, 2001

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Postcard: Labrador by David Karlotski
We're envious of our contributor, David Karlotski. He's the devil-may-care kind of guy who doesn't ask many questions. He just goes. About two years ago, Dave was minding his own business when he glanced down and found a pile of cash on the street. To be precise, it turned out to be $751. Good citizen that Dave is, he did his best to find the unlucky soul who lost all this money, but to no avail. So with a clear conscience, Dave decided he would throw on his thick leather jacket, hop on his motorcycle and adventure until his stash ran out. His only goal was to cover new ground and learn new things. Well, he wound up in the Northern reaches of the Atlantic, on the coast of Labrador. The pristine arctic environment was both foreign and fabulous to Dave. He sent us this postcard a couple years back.

Grashow-mon: The Grashow Family in India by The Grashows, with Tony Kahn
I bet a lot of you can look back on a family trip you took this summer and know that your children got a chance to open their eyes to new sights, maybe new points of view. Well, a while back our Traveler at Large Tony Kahn sat down with a family from Brooklyn, New York, who moved to India for several months. And the way Tony went about interviewing the parents and the two kids was to sit down with each one of them separately and hear how the time in India impacted them differently.
Meet the Grashows.

Singles Vacation by Alex Blumberg
Back in 1999, contributor Alex Blumberg set out for Club Med to study the singles scene himself. And he came back with some life-affirming new knowledge. He had learned every woman's astrological sign.

You can learn about some of Tony Kahn's latest projects at transom.org.

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