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Rundown for the Week of April 6, 2001
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Peoplewatching at the Bus Terminal by Alix Spiegel
Contributor Alix Spiegel spent a day at New York's Port Authority Bus Terminal, to see how the people moving through such a place give it life.

Navigating the Panama Canal by Rolando Arrieta
At the beginning of the year, Panamanians celebrated the turnover of the Panama Canal from United States control. After nearly a century, the waterway continues to play a major role in tourism and international commerce. It is still considered one of the marvels of the world. More than 300 cruise ships a year go through the Panama Canal. According to Radio Producer Rolando Arrieta, a trip through the canal is a mind-boggling experience. He describes the transiting process aboard a special, legendary ship.

Interview: Ann Bancroft's Antarctica
To hear Ann Bancroft tell it, she got hooked on the idea of polar travel As a young girl, reading the accounts of Ernest Shackleton. Unlike most of us she did something about it - 8 years ago, she made it to the North Pole by dogsled. That apparently wasn't enough. When she discovered that a Norwegian woman named Liv Arnesen had also been captivated by the journals of the Antarctic, the two of them decided to team up and try to cross the entire continent on skis. It took them over three months, but they did it - ski-sailing across the Arctic.

Cowboy Poets by Dick Gordon
Recently, southern californians scurried to the Melody Ranch in the Antelope Valley for the annual Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival. This was a journey back in the hills, and also back in time.

Dick's View
My Drive to the Office

Question of the Week
We recount some of your solo travel experiences, and ask you about some of the things you'd like to do on vacation, but are reluctant to admit.

Deal of the Week
"A Different Kind of Deal"

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