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Rundown for the Week of March 16, 2001
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A Peruvian in NYC by Tatiana Harrison
Playing tour guide for an out-of-town guest is always a mix of pleasure and pain as you figure out what to see and where to go. Planning that special itinerary gets even more culturally complicated when your guest is from another country. The payoff is seeing your world through an international visitor's eyes. Tatiana Harrison had her tape rolling when she showed a Peruvian visitor around New York City, learning along the way about the legends of punk rock and the myth of the melting pot.

Changi Airport, Destination in its Own Right by Jeff Tyler.
Ever wonder why airports are called "terminals?" How about terminal waiting? Terminally bad food? Endless lines of hapless travelers dragging their squealing wheelie suitcases in The Fifth Circle of Aeronautical Hell - passengers fervently wishing for an out-of-airport experience. But some airports are more than dreary waiting rooms. In the first of a series exploring the world's airports, we look at some stopovers that make waiting a pleasure. Consider Changi Airport in Singapore. As Jeff Tyler tells us, it is a destination in its own right.

Interview: Ray Bradbury
Who better to ask about space tourism than legendary science fiction writer Ray Bradbury? Mr. Bradbury shared with us his vision of space travel.

Down in Eagle Creek by Jeff Biggers
"The ideal of happiness," said Simone de Beauvoir, "has always taken material form in the house, whether cottage or castle. It stands for permanence and separation from the world." But what happens when your home is erased from the earth, scraped away by bulldozers, blown away by dynamite? Savvy Traveler contributor Jeff Biggers had spent twenty years living and traveling in Europe, India, Latin America and the South Pacific. Then he got a letter calling him home again, to the family farm in Southern Illinois, forcing him to question the meaning of permanence.

Vic's View
Down to Earth

Question of the Week
We recount some of your experiences with "Ugly American" tourists, and ask you about your experiences while traveling alone.

Deal of the Week
Winter Respite in Bali

Travelers' Aid
Information on the European Hoof and Mouth Disease epidemic, plus the future of space travel.

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