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Rundown for the week of February 13, 1999

South African Wineries
What goes better with heartbreak than a sad song and a bottle of wine? Course, the right bottle of wine compliments just about any mood. Connoisseurs scour the globe for the ultimate vintage...France, Napa Valley....even South Africa. It boasts a wine country that some say, easily rivals it's French and American counterparts. The Savvy Traveler's Reese Erlich is in Stellenbosch, a wine country town about an hour's drive north of Cape Town.

Q&A I: Romantic Interludes
Rudy talks to listeners about their trysts on the road. He talked with sex expert Dr. Ruth Westheimer, who has her own website. Visit www.drruth.com.

Janet Krebs Interview: Honeymoons
If you're in the Valentine's spirit...getting ready to tie the knot, there's probably a honeymoon in your future. But with a million places to choose, how do you decide where to go and how to plan your first trip into your new life together? Janet Krebs, a travel consultant in Nashville, specializes in weddings and honeymoons and she's offered to help with a few tips.

Airline Movies
The Oscar nominations are just out and if you're a movie buff then you're probably counting the days until the big event. It also probably means that you're the type to purchase a headset and watch the in-flight movie when you're flying. Ever wonder how the airlines choose which films are best suited to a captive audience? The Savvy Traveler's Annie Wu took flight to find out.

Deal of the Week
Maybe we Americans love Australia because the country reminds us of our wide-open early days, when we were all pioneers and space was plentiful. If you've always dreamed of going down under, the price is right, right now. The Australian airline, Qantas, offers some bargain vacation packages that advertise "free airfare." Of course, the airfare is simply built into the cost of the land portion of your tour. But it's a dramatic way of saying prices are reduced.

Thanks to David in California who alerted me to this one--a well-priced, 20-day tour that will make you feel like you've really gotten inside Oz-land. Abel Tasman Travel will fly you to Sydney and take you to popular destinations, including Melbourne, Ayers Rock, Alice Springs and the Great Barrier Reef. Tours, hotels, in-country flights, and some meals are included for the great price of $3,000 per person. That's based on two people traveling. Before you choke on the price, remember, that includes airfare to and from LA. Travel is good between early March and late June. Get the details by calling 800-727-1626 and asking about the Grand Australian Panorama tour. Or visit the website. Oh, and you'll earn enough miles to qualify for a free, round-trip ticket in the U.S.

Q&A II: General Questions
Rudy takes listeners' general questions about travel. He mentions:

Costa Rica

  • Wildland Adventure specializes in Costa Rica tours that range in price from $399 for three days to $2,290 for eight days. Prices are for two adults, not including airfare (which is around $600, or $500 in low season). Call 800-345-4453.

  • The Adventure Center offers a 10-day Costa Rica Explorer that costs under $1,900 before April 5 and under $1,800 after that magical date. That's all-inclusive, with white water rafting, and hikes up two volcanoes, but you'll need to arrange biking as an addition. Call 800-227-8747.

  • Pleasure Break Vacations is offering seven-night vacation to either Guanacaste region or Quepos Beach from just $399 per person from Chicago. Mainly beach and relaxation, but the price is right.

  • The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. This nature reserve includes both slopes of Tilaran Mountain and protects more than 100 species of mammals, 400 species of birds and 1500 types of plants.

  • Poas Volcano is one of the deepest active volcanoes in the world and its second crater, now a stunning lake, is well worth the hike.

Home Rentals in Ireland and Vermont:

  • For information on renting Susan DeColaines' cottage in Ireland, call 781-665-2106, or email her.

  • Country Cottages (Ireland), 800-674-8883. Rent European villas, apartments, mansions and more.

  • European Escapes (Ireland): 888-387-6589. Rent villas, apartments, or holiday homes throughout Europe, on any budget, from modest to most luxurious.

  • Holiday Rentals on the Internet (Ireland and Vermont): +44-181-741-7878. Has over a 2000 private homes to rent worldwide.

  • Overseas Connection (Ireland and Vermont): 888-72-VILLA or 516-725-9308. Worldwide vacation villa rentals.

  • You may also want to get listed on The Register, a directory of B&B's, inns and small hotels in the U.S. It's updated every four months. Last year's prices started at $80 for a one-year listing with a 150-word description.

Delzell's Mexico
Funny isn't it, how you can build a life, attain a few goals...and yet, sometimes still fantasize about chucking it all...packing a couple of bags and heading far, far away from all that stuff you've accomplished. We read books and go to films to try and place ourselves in another world for a small space in time. Few of us ever make a huge leap in lifestyle, but every once in awhile we come across someone who does and it's always riveting to hear their stories. Carmen Delzell is an ex-patriate living in Mexico. She was kind enough to send us this postcard and share her story.

Next Week on The Savvy Traveler
Please join us again next week as we travel back to the 1920's to a place where some of our country's greatest intellects and artists resided ...Harlem.

Clip: " They were so very austere and very grand and very magnificent and very oh my, they were ultra ultra."

A trip back in time to the Harlem Renaissance.

We go kayaking on Oregon's Hood River. And author Wade Davis stops by...you remember him as the author of The Serpent and the Rainbow, but his latest book takes quite another look at Haiti.

Clip: "Haitians have a wonderful expression. They say you white people go into a temple and speak about god, we dance in a temple and become god."

We explore Haiti with someone who's seen much more than poverty and voodoo rites. And we'll hear from those of you who've managed to keep traveling in spite of a disability. That and more so please come along for the ride in next week's edition of The Savvy Traveler.

For tapes of the show
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