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Rundown for the week of August 15, 1998

The Savvy Traveler is one year old! Today we celebrate our first anniversary by traveling back in time, over the past year of shows.

Places we've stayed ...

Here's the problem: in the course of a year, we've traveled all over the world, from Philadelphia to Peru...California to Cambodia. And as The Savvy Traveler staff gathered together to review all the places we've been, we got stuck wondering how we would ever cram a year's worth of journeys into one tiny hour. After a lot of thought we decided to start with some of the places we've actually stayed. Why not begin at the beginning?

  • Airstream Trailer Park
    The very first place we went...Deborah Clark drove 600 miles into the Arizona desert to the Shady Dell RV Park in Bisbee, Arizona to check out the vintage accommodations.
  • Silent Retreat
    Judie Fein decided she needed a little R&R -- Rest and Reflection. She packed her belongings, took a vow of silence, and traveled to a nunnery.
  • Borscht Belt
    The Catskills are where Jewish performers such as Sid Caesar and Jackie Mason started, but as reporter Marty Goldensohn discovered, the times are changing up in those mountains.
  • Jules Undersea Lodge
    The Savvy Traveler's Tanya Ott dove deep into the ocean and came up with a report from an underwater hotel.
  • Brazil Tree House Hotel
    The intrepid Martin Stott aimed a bit higher -- high up in the trees, to be exact, where he took in the view from the Ariau Towers Tree House Hotel and made the acquaintance of a few monkeys and piranhas.
  • Reluctant Costa Rica Eco-tourist
    Mary-Lou Weisman's first vacation in the jungle taught her a few things about the `great' outdoors.
  • Airport Lounges
    Tom Verde has definitely sought out the high life while reporting for The Savvy Traveler, and this time he saw how the other half flies in a few airlines' first-class, luxury lounges.
  • Airline Historical Society
    Tanya Ott saw a different side of the airlines when she talked to the members of this club. They collect all kinds of things related to the airline industry...ALL kinds...including the barf bags.

    Q & A I -- Listeners' Stories

    Listeners have had quite a few interesting things to say during the past year. Every week we ask you to call in about a different subject: your most memorable seat mate, the strangest thing you've eaten while traveling, your dream vacation, stories about traveling with your pets. In our most creative moments we couldn't have made these up.

    People we've met ...

    Some fascinating guests have dropped by to visit this past year. Some wrote books, some shared stories, some gave advice, and some offered a quirky perspective on travel. We remember talking to ...
    • William Langewiesche
      The author of Sahara Unveiled told us what we should know if we ever get to that great desert ourselves.
    • Carl Hiaasen
      This mystery writer lives in a place where people often go to disappear. He dwells at the "end of the road" with some "not-very successful criminals" in Key West, Florida.
    • Robert Reich
      The former Secretary of Labor talked about traveling like regular folks after years of hitting the road presidential style as "a high-maintenance muckety-muck."
    • Peter Mayle
      He was able to tear himself away from his adopted home of Provence in France long enough to read from his latest book, Chasing Cezanne.
    • And then there were the nudists...
      We've heard a lot about specialty travel, but there's no end to the variety, as Susan Weaver explained. She's the secretary and spokesperson for the American Association of Nude Recreation.


    There is one journey we took a few months ago about which we're still receiving letters. It wasn't an easy trip; as a matter of fact at times it was terribly graphic, forcing us to cease whatever it was we were doing and think about some of the unspeakable horrors human beings continue to inflict upon one another. So, even though it's hard to hear, we'll take a moment to join The Savvy Traveler's Scott Carrier and revisit Cambodia.

    Deal of the Week:

    Getting older has its benefits for travelers...including:
    United's Silver Wings Plus 800-720- 1765
    American's AActive American Traveler Club 800-421-5600
    Delta's Skywise Program 800-325-3750

    Q & A II -- General Questions

    Every show Rudy takes travel questions. We've heard queries on everything, from finding a cheap hotel in Paris to tips on redeeming frequent flier miles to traveling along the coast of Norway by postal boat! We've collected a few of the past year's calls for a sampling of the endless variety of travel inquiries.

    So many places to go, so little time...

    We've relived some of our funnier, thoughtful and more tragic moments on The Savvy Traveler. There are just a few more stops to make...

    • White Nights Postcard
      Our own Fritz Faerber sent in this description of his romantic, fleeting moments walking through St. Petersburg.
    • Marrakesh
      Sometimes you can be transported back to a place by immersing yourself in its sounds, like the time Jim Metzner brought us to the Djemaa el Fna, a central gathering place in Marrakesh, Morocco.
    • The Grand Canyon
      In this last stop, we encounter some storytellers of our own in a place that's close to many of us, if not by proximity, then in spirit. We rejoin Hal Cannon and his wife Teresa Jordan as they take us along the Colorado river on their rafting trip, thundering through the Grand Canyon.

    For tapes of the show... If you want your very own copy of The Savvy Traveler, order an audio cassette. It's easy. Just call 303-823-8000. The price is $15. As Rudy says, it's a steal.

    Next Week on The Savvy Traveler We'll look at the city of Baltimore from a vantage point you might not always consider when traveling: the water.

    "Baltimore is almost in a way like canyons, and you've entered this odd world because you're in a boat, but you're in a city, but you're on the water, and the water is a street -- but it's not."
    Cruising the Chesapeake, in next week's journey. And then we'll head south to find out why there's so much damage to Florida's coral reefs...
    "There's no question about it that much of the coastal environment has a definite carrying capacity; certainly the amount of use we're making of the oceans and coast has increased substantially in the last couple of decades."

    Plus, we'll ask the question, "Is a vacation with your in-laws really a vacation?" All that, plus your calls about your missed photo opportunities in next week's journey with The Savvy Traveler.

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