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Rundown for the week of December 13, 1997

North Pole

Near Fairbanks, Alaska, in a region of the north founded on gold prospecting, the small community of North Pole is mining a much more sustainable commodity. For decades now it's styled itself as the unofficial home of Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, the jolly old elf... that's right the big guy, Santa himself. And as we hear from Robert Hannon, it's a place where Christmas never stops.


Rudy takes callers confessions about things they've stolen while traveling.

Airline Historical Society

Did you know there's a hidden underworld in the nation's airports... lurking in the terminals, possibly sitting right next to you -- one of the 6,000 members of the World Airline Historical Society. As we hear from Tonya Ott, it's a group devoted to collecting just about everything, and we mean everything, that has an airline logo on it.

The World Airline Historical Society can be contacted at 904-221-1446, 13739 Picarsa Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32225.

Waiting Made Easy

Being stuck at an airport can be agony, especially when that guy just ahead of you in line seems to have set up camp at the ticket counter. Today, we get advice from Harry Knitter, the author of "Holding Pattern: Airport Waiting Made Easy." He says that if you have to get stuck somewhere it might as well be Chicago's O'Hare, since it has an almost endless array of things to do.

Border Crossing

Longer waits may also be in store at the border between the US and Canada as a consequence of the new immigration reform act. Correspondent Tom Banse reports from a crossing just south of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Deal Of The Week

Last week, I told you about bargain rooms at ski resorts. Now, let's get you there for as little as we can. American Airlines is offering what it calls "Ski Breaks," flights from major cities to ski destinations from January 4th through February 26th.

Try these round-trip fares on for size: between LA and Vail, $198; Chicago to Jackson Hole, 238. Miami to Steamboat Springs, 273. You have to buy tickets at least seven days in advance, start your trip on a Monday or Tuesday, stay a mimimum of two or three days, and return in most cases on a Wednesday or Thursday. Hey, that's great for skiers who know lift lines are shorter on weekdays.

If you make your plans before Christmas Eve and your ticket costs more than $228, book it on a web site called Preview Travel and you'll get a half-price, round-trip ticket good for future travel on American.

Flying for less this winter on American -- that's my Deal of the Week!


Rudy answers general caller questions and mentions:

Freighter Travel:

--Cruise and Freighter Association: 800-872-8584

--Freighter World Cruises: 800-449-9200

Dude Ranches in Arizona:

--Lazy K Bar Ranch: 800-321-7018

--The White Stallion Ranch: 800-782-5546

Tours in Korea:

--Walker Travel Agency: 800-568-2835

--Dearborn Travel: 800-621-5724


In today's journey we've already heard about a 40 foot Santa in Alaska -- how about a scale model of a beetle several stories high. That's what you'll see if you drive along highway 115 south of Colorado Springs. As Harriet Baskas tells us, it's the mascot for an unusual museum devoted to creatures that normally make their home in the tropics.

Next Week on The Savvy Traveler

We'll get some practical advice for travelers heading overseas,

"Medical emergencies are often the last things on our mind when we travel. Unfortunately, emergencies do occur."

We hear about the growing field of travel medicine and talk with one of this country's most popular travel writers,

"I could be headed to the mall or headed to go take my sons to dinner and I just, you know get the feeling... jeez... I just wanna go, keep going... it's in my soul."

Peter Jenkins talks about travel and his newest book about a trip along the Gulf Coast. And you'll help me in my travels by telling me the cool things I can see and do if I get stuck in your hometown airport. That and more in next week's journey with The Savvy Traveler.

If you want your very own copy of The Savvy Traveler, order an audio cassette. It's easy. Just call 303-823-8000. The price is $15. As Rudy says, it's a steal.

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