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Rundown for the week of September 13, 1997

Sukiji Market

Like everything else in life, travel can be both a blessing and a curse. Technology has given us the power to fly around the world but our age old body clocks don't move as swiftly. Anyone who's flown long distances has experienced that discombobulated feeling known as jet lag. I'm feeling it now because of my trip this week to Scotland. For Jim Metzner, it was a trip to the Far East. But he also discovered that when a traveler stays open to a new experience...no matter how weary you may be.... discovery is always just around the corner.


General caller questions.

For information on renting apartments, one agency who can provide details is Hometours at 800-367-4668. For general information about bed & breakfasts in England, the British Tourist Authority in New York has a free, detailed booklet it will send if you can get through the busy signal at 800-462-2748.

For more information on the Silk Road, a San Francisco-based tour agency called Inner Asia can be reached at 415-922-0448.

Gangster Tour

Chicago's office of tourism likes to describe the city as the jewel of Lake Michigan....the third coast....the blues capital of the world....anything other than the former turf of mobster Al Capone.

But as Edie Rubinowitz reports from WBEZ, tourists who visit Chicago feel otherwise.

The two-hour Untouchable Tour costs is $20 for adults, $15 for kids. They can be reached at 773-881-1195 P.O. Box 43185, Chicago, Illinois. 60643. They sell mugs, scrap books and switch blades (actually combs).

Air Consolidator

David Scott is president of Euram, one of the country's largest ticket consolidators. As you heard, you may have to push your travel agent to get them to use a consolidator and if you're a mileage nut you should know that use of these cheap tickets may mean you won't get frequent flyer miles. Despite that, use of consolidator tickets can be one of travel's great bargains and they're well worth checking out. You may call Euram Flight Centre at 800-848-6789 or ask your travel agent to price a ticket--a travel agent will get through to Euram more easily.

Gay Tour

Stepping Out is a new guidebook of nine walking tours that explore the culture and history of New York's gay and lesbian past. Author Daniel Hurewitz and reporter Karen Michel sampled a few of the sights.

Karen Michel interview guest:

Daniel Hurewitz, author of "Stepping Out" Nine walks through New York's Gay and Lesbian Past. Published by Owl Books (Division of Henry Holt & Co) $15.95

Another new guide on the same subject is The Queerest Places - A Guide to Gay and Lesbian Historic Sites by Paula Martinac Published by Owl Books (Division of Henry Holt & Co) $14.95

A couple of web publications about gay travel:

Our World at http://www.pimps.com/ourworld/

Out and About at http://www.outandabout.com/

Deal of The Week

My deal of the week is a little bit country, a little bit rock n roll.

The country is a deal on Kiawah Island Inn near Charleston, S.C., where an October special puts you in an ocean view double room at $150 a night, $30 off the regular rate. BUT YOU MUST ASK FOR THIS SPECIAL RATE WHEN YOU BOOK.

The rock n roll is the very luxurious Palace Hotel in New York where a deluxe double normally runs $375 a night but goes for $245--nearly a third off--on weekend nights through the end of November. They throw in free use of the health club and a free continental breakfast OR free parking--which normally runs $46 a night. As a guest, you even get a table at Le Cirque, the downstairs restaurant most people have to book weeks in advance.

Kiawah Island is lush, manicured, and secluded with great golf courses and roomy beaches. The Palace is the height of posh in midtown Manhattan.

Reservations for the Kiawah Island Inn on Kiawah Island Golf & Tennis Resort: 800-654-2924. Again, be sure to ask for the special October weekend deal.

For reservations at the Palace, call 800-697-2522 and ask for the Indian Summer weekend rate.


I'm Rudy Maxa, the Savvy Traveler, ready to take your calls once again. Today I want you to tell me about your dream vacation. Where's the place you most fantasize about going? Our number is 1-888-savtrav. I'll tell you about my dream destination later in the show, but first let's hear about you... if you could take off tomorrow, where would you go? Think about it while I go to the phones.

Next week let's talk about your most memorable seatmate. We've all been there, stuck on a long flight or train ride with the world's most boring person. Or maybe the love of your life turned out to be the person sitting right next to you. Give me a call at 1-888-savtrav to tell me all about your most memorable seatmate.

Postcard from Tunisia

Finally today, a voice from the road. John McMurtrie sent us an audio postcard from Tunisia.

Next Week on the Savvy Traveler

And that brings us to the final destination in this week's journey with the Savvy Traveler. Next time we'll explore how travel has been affected by the end of the cold war. Hear about traveling in the presidential manner and what its like when those days come to and end

"You suffer immediately from staff deprivation...if you pardon the phrase....detached retinue"

Former cabinet secretary Robert Reich on his travels both in and out of power

We take your calls about your most memorable seatmate and we'll tour a museum dedicated to a subject that both attracts and repels.

"A lot of people are so overwhelmed they don't ask any questions. The speechless we call them."

A museum dedicated to the dead. That and more in next week's edition of the Savvy Traveler.

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