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Rundown for the week of August 16, 1997


Psychedelic Peru

It's hard to be a Marco Polo these days. Areas that once were exotic now have a Hilton Hotel and a McDonald's on the corner. Witness the rise of adventure travel, where getting off the beaten path is the rule of thumb. That could mean mountain biking across the Arctic or hiking the peaks of the Himalayas.

But as reporter Jeff Tyler discovered, some travelers are venturing to the boundaries of the mind, taking psychedelic trips in Peru's Amazon jungle.


The World's Most Dangerous Places

"The World's Most Dangerous Places" is your reference guide to where land mines are buried and in what countries your kidnappers will accept a personal check for your ransom. Written by Robert Young Pelton, it is the world's only annually updated guide to traveling in hot spots and forbidden places. When Pelton isn't roaming the planet, he's at home with his family in Los Angeles where he talked with me about how he became an expert in traveling through the world's war zones.

Adventure Gene?

Robert Young Pelton is a guy that some might call crazy... I mean going to the world's most dangerous places is not what most of us would choose for our yearly vacation. But Michelle Kholos reports that crazy may be too simple an explanation.


There are many ways to travel -- in a car, on a boat, by jet or through time. Today on the Savvy Traveler, we take a trip back in time -- to the cocktail era -- the subject of a new nostalgia craze, particularly among young people who find new glamour in revisiting the days of martinis and cocktail music. Steven Nisakay has been fascinated by that effervescent era for years as Karen Michel tells us from New York.

Q&A II -- The Meaning of Travel

Rudy talks with listeners about what travel means to them.

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