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Rundown for the week of August 09, 1997


Trailer Parking

Any traveler can book themselves into a hotel or motel but we're on a quest for more interesting and unique places to spend the night. So we sent reporter Deborah Clark to Bisbee, Arizona, a former mining town that was once the biggest city between New Orleans and San Francisco. There, she found some rather surprising accommodations.


Rudy answers general caller questions.

A Tale of Two Beaches

Every summer, millions of people think that nothing could be better than a trip to the beach. The vision of white sands, crystal blue waters and palm fronds waving in a gentle breeze has sustained many of us through a long chilly winter. Today on the Savvy traveler, we visit two distant shores that share the name beach but little else -- an example of the almost infinite variety the world can offer the curious traveler -- A Tale Of Two Beaches. We begin with Fritz Faerber at Venice Beach in Los Angeles.

Wild Blue Yokohama -- an indoor faux beach is the second part of this segment.

Why Travel?

"One's destination is never a place," the author Henry Miller wrote, "But rather a new way of looking at things." In this inaugural edition of The Savvy Traveler, we wanted to explore why people travel to new destinations and to look at how travel nourishes the human soul. So we called a leisure-ologist -- yes that's a real field of study. His name is Doctor Daniel Fesenmaier, from the Department Of Leisure Studies at the University of Illinois. Dr. Fesenmaier told me there are really only a few reasons why we take to the road.

Q&A II -- Vacations From Hell

Rudy talks with listeners about travel gone bad.

Golfing Alaska

Golfers from around the world travel to Arizona, California, Florida and other warm weather states to play their favorite game. Few probably consider Alaska as a golf Mecca, but as Robert Hannon reports from Fairbanks, a course there offers conditions and hazards that even Tiger Woods might find challenging.

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