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Customer Service from the Agent's Point of View

Dear Savvy Traveler:

I just caught the segment you did on airline customer service initiatives. I work for an airline reservations office, and we hear about this initiative at least once a week. Lately, there's been more talk about it due to labor problems that have resulted in many cancelled flights.

Part of my job is to call passengers to tell them that their flight has been cancelled. I was so glad to hear you tell your listeners to keep in mind that the reser vations agent personally did not delay the flight, nor was the flight delayed on purpose. Snowstorms happen.

I am much more willing to help somebody who is not yelling or threatening me. As a customer service representative, my first responsibility is to be friendly, helpful and courteous to the passengers who call me. But I expect the same respect from them, and when I get it, I will do everything I can to help them -- from booking an aisle seat up front to finding cheaper flights.

Thanks again for your reminder to travelers. I hope the customer service initiatives work and that passengers DO see a difference in the way they are treated. We're trying. But don't forget, we're human, too.

Thank you.




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