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Papua New Guinea: Delightful or Disturbing?

Last week's Savvy Traveler story on Papua New Guinea included the sound of a pig being killed. Some listeners wrote to tell us they loved the story, but others found it unsettling. Here are some of the comments we received...

I'm writing in response to your recent story on Papua New Guinea. The reporter recorded for his audience the sounds of a squealing pig as it was bludgeoned to death by a tribesman. I understand the pig was to be eaten by members of the tribe and that such an event is common. However, hearing the sound of a man clubbing an animal to death, hearing the mallet crushing the skull while the animal was screaming for its life, was disturbing to a degree beyond my ability to describe it.

I felt a need to advise you of how this episode affected me.



I was fascinated by your report on Papua New Guinea. It's a good jolt back to reality to realize that not everyplace in the world is mindlessly centered around American pop culture, teen fad music groups, and Palm Pilot-toting yuppies. I think I might prefer the danger of gun-toting rascals to the stress of 30-year mortgages.


Great spot on New Guinea!! A half-hour was NOT at all too long for a story of this caliber. More like this!!


Listening to a pig being beaten to death is not what I tune into your show for.



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