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It's a Small World After All

Hi, Rudy!

My husband and I recently took a pre-holiday tour of southern Vermont. A chance encounter we had in the course of our trip is the reason for this email. It really got me thinking about what a small world it is.

We had spent a nice evening in the tiny town of Grafton and stopped in a gift shop as we were leaving. I was looking for a gift for Amy, a coworker who was taking care of our dog and house-sitting for us. I browsed for a while, selected a harmonica, and brought it up to the counter. A young blonde woman behind the register rang the harmonica up, and as she was handing me my change, she looked up and said "are you Pam by any chance?" I looked at her with amazement and said "Yes! How in the world did you know?"

She told me that her name was Anne and that she recognized me from a picture on the cover of an organic farming publication I had appeared in. As it turns out, Anne was also a good friend of my coworker Amy. Neither of us could believe the coincidence.

It gets better. Anne told my husband and me about her work on a farm in Westminster, Vermont, where she made cheese. My husband Rob had worked with Mike, the co-manager of the very same the farm. Then the door to the gift shop opened and in walked Margo, Mike's wife. By this time, we were all looking around for hidden cameras.

We had a wonderful chat with Anne and Margo, and they sent us off to the farm, where we met up with Mike. He gave us a tour as well as some delicious maple syrup and fresh sheep's milk feta. Yum!

I think almost everyone I know who travels has a story like this * a story that makes them say, "What a small world it is!"

Pam Hopewell, NJ



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