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A Souvenir that LIGHTENS the Load


On a recent show you asked about tacky souvenirs travelers have found. This one may be more strange than tacky.

I collect haircuts, so I'm not really taking anything away, I'm leaving it behind. A haircut is a souvenir that actually lightens the traveler's load. Plus, it's a great way to meet local people who are not jaded by dealing with tourists on a daily basis. How do you find a good barber? Sometimes I ask the innkeeper where he gets his hair cut, or I just keep an eye out while touring.

So far I've left hair in: Spanish Wells, Bahamas; Auckland, New Zealand; Quebec City, Canada; Merida and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; London, England; Porto Velho, Brazil; Road Town, Tortola; Columbo, Sri Lanka; Maui, Hawaii; and Falkirk, Scotland.

I only regret I didn't start a barber shop notebook a couple of decades ago.




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