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Australian Amor

Hi, Rudy.

On a recent show, you asked listeners to send in their stories of romance on the road. I met my fiancÚ online several years ago. He lives in Australia, a place I had always wanted to visit. So late in 1998, I decided to make the trip.

Jeremy and I planned to travel together as friends. Over the course of the month-long road trip, we went from Darwin in the Northern Territory, to Kakadu, Katherine, Alice Springs, Ayers Rock and the Olgas. Then we headed over to the eastern coast to Townsville and Magnetic Island, Frasier Island and Brisbane. The final leg of the trip took us down to Sydney. It was a great trip, and needless to say, we became very close friends. We didn't actually tell each other how we felt until I returned to the U.S.

I live in San Diego, so we kept up a very long distance relationship until this summer, when Jeremy came here for a month of travel. He proposed to me in Montana, and I said yes -- but not until a few weeks AFTER he had gone back home. We have a habit of waiting until the absolute wrong time (i.e., when there are several thousand miles between us) to tell each other things like that. But after next summer, we won't have to be apart anymore. We will be married next June in Australia, about an hour south of Sydney near Jerremy's home. I am flying down for a few weeks over New Year's to plan the wedding, and am really looking forward to it.





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