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People Watching in Latin America's Markets

Dear Rudy,

I have traveled through almost all of Latin America and have found that open-air markets are a busy, colorful and exciting place to people watch. You find people selling their wares from stands, trays, and even just their bodies; artisans of just about every conceivable trade; semiprofessional typists, paralegals and money changers; people just hanging out, including pickpockets, thieves and beggars; children and men strolling arm in arm; shoppers with their arms full of fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish and wares; and animals such as dogs, cats, rats, guinea pigs, fowl, llamas, donkeys, sheep, cows and pigs. Sometimes at night the markets become almost surreal, making you feel like you're in a street scene in the movie "Blade Runner."

There is always something to see in the Latin American markets. I will never tire of spending time there.




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