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Arranged-Roommate Nightmare

Dear Rudy,

Your recent Question of the Week about horrible traveling companions really hit a nerve with me. My nightmare traveling companion was a roommate arranged for me by a small bicycle touring company. We never met before the trip, and as soon as I laid eyes on her, I knew there would be problems. She was a lot heavier than I expected, given that we were going on an arduous bicycle tour of Ireland. And not only was she heavy, she was badly out of shape. She held up the whole group because she had to walk her bike up hills.

"Roomie" was a constant headache. She talked incessantly through the whole trip about her tenants, grandkids, and other tedious topics. At night, when she wasn't talking, she was snoring. She snored so loudly, I tried to sleep in the halls and breakfast rooms of the small B&Bs we stayed in. This experience was so aggravating, I never went on a tour with an arranged roommate again.




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