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Kudos to Gracious Guests

Dear Rudy:

Recently, I took a job as a desk clerk at a small motel in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. I am writing to commend the guests we had last weekend. Early Saturday morning, a strong wind storm blew through the area. At about 4:30 AM, we lost all power in this town of 5,000 people. With no electricity, no one could use their hair dryers of shavers when they woke up in the morning. To make matters worse, we had no hot water after the first few showers, and we ran out of towels. As the day wore on, the absence of air conditioning became a concern, also.

Although the power company worked diligently, power was not restored until after 6:00 PM. All of our guests were remarkably calm and accepting of the situation. This positive attitude was even more exceptional since most of the 24 rooms were occupied by the friends and family of a couple who were to be married at 5:30 that night! And some guests who arrived Saturday afternoon checked in despite the power problem. From what I can tell, the wedding was held by candlelight, but the power came back on in time for the reception.

I hope this story serves as an encouraging reminder to everybody in the hospitality industry that some guests are pleasant even in trying situations.





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