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Visiting the Taj Mahal

I was in India as a chiropractic student learning about traditional Indian healing arts. As part of the trip we couldn't pass up stopping to see the Taj Mahal. Now every where in India visitors to this land are inundated by sellers of everything there is to sell. So they of course had these beautiful postcards at different times of day. One particular young boy had a somewhat unique collection of this surreal and majestic site. Upon visiting the Taj, one should definitely go in the evening and the morning for in less than 12 hours you will experience two completely different sites.

Coming back in the morning, I asked the boy his name and told him to meet me at a certain spot in the morning and I would buy them from him. He told me his name was Raj and he would meet me the next day. So, in the morning being unable to find him, I was being offered the same collection of post cards from another boy. I told him I would only buy from Raj and did he know where he is. He said "Sir, Sir, you can buy from me, for it is ok," Now, with a big smile on his face says "RAJ, HE IS MY BROTHER!"

Eric, Washington DC



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