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I was a member of the University of Virginia Glee Club on tour of Eastern Europe during winter break of '73-74. Our first concert stop was in Zagreb, Yugoslavia (now the capitol of Croatia). We were the guests of a local glee club, and after our concert, they invited us back to their clubhouse for a great party. Midway through the evening, they got together to sing for us. They chose to sing an African-American spiritual, which both touched us, as a little bit of home in a foreign land, and amused us, since the strong Croatian accents sounded very strange indeed in this American song sung in English.

I'm afraid the mimics in our group had quite a bit of fun with the soloist in the ensuing days. On the other hand, I will never forget our host's kindness to us, and I'm sure my fellow glee club members feel the same.

As I've read about the troubles in the countries we visited, I think about these young men often and wish them the best.




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