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Getting Lost

In the mid 1980's my wife and I traveled to Australia from Canada by way of Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore. We landed at Narita airport in Japan, and having an overnight stop, we ventured from our airport hotel into Tokyo by train the next day. Halfway into our train trip, we had to change trains in a tiny place called Ueno (pronounced Wayno). There was this great underground facility at the train station, with birds flying all around inside, and nobody spoke English. We didn't have a clue how to catch the right train. There were lots of machines lining the walls of the station in which one should deposit the correct fare for the distance that one was traveling. We were hopelessly lost. (we did encounter another Caucasian in the train station, but that's another story). We stopped at several little shops for help, but nobody could understand us. Finally, one elderly shopkeeper, who couldn't understand our language but could understand our plight, closed up his shop, took us to the proper machine and made sure we got the proper fare. We subsequently got on the right train into Tokyo. God bless him!!!

Regarding that other Caucasian at the train station in Ueno - we ended up meeting again in Hong Kong, on a trip to Lantau Island, and it turned out we lived about five miles from each other in our hometown of Kitchener in Southern Ontario - go figure! We all spent New Years Eve together at Jimmy's Kitchen in Hong Kong - sounds a bit grotty, but actually a classy place! Ahh life...



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