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Trip to Germany

I visited the city of Gotha, in former East Germany, the first week of last month. I e-mailed you prior to leaving and asked about conditions over there. One of your staff members advised that it might be a little rough. I am pleased to let you know that was not the case at all. We had a wonderful trip. We stayed at the Hotel St. Gambrin, proprietor Michael Lamm, in Gotha. I don't know whether the hotel is rated, but in my opinion it is first class. Well furnished and comfortable rooms, croissants and coffee with other breakfast goodies every morning - very nice, indeed. The people we met in Gotha were very hospitable. We had some wonderful times in a couple of cafes and biergartens! You can certainly see the results of West German renovation money, however. You can walk down one street and it has been totally restored/renovated. However, a block over the buildings looked like no one has touched them in fifty years. We also visited Eisenach, Weimar, and the castle at Wartburg, all of which were wonderful experiences. I highly recommend the Residenz Café in Weimar for the food, drinks, and people watching.

All in all, everyone in our group had a wonderful time. I am a musician by profession and I am determined to go back over there to perform. However, I would like to take a group instead of having to play by myself.

Keep up the good work with the show. John



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