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I simply have to tell you how much your story on Cambodia has affected me. While driving today, I heard Scott Carrier's story on your radio show and found it interesting and visual to a point that I had to pull over and park my car so as to not miss a thing, and not get into an accident, as it held my complete attention and imagination. Scott pulled me into his visit as if I was there alongside him. I saw everything clearly although I have never been there myself. And I am so glad I did pull over, because when he spoke of the minefields, and the amputees, and the torture, and the prison and what he saw there, my heart sank as the depth of human horror hit me with the unavoidable knowledge of "this isn't a movie, or a story, or statistics. This is REAL." I was so moved that there was no way I could have driven at that moment. I am as jaded as the next American, and tales of woe and violence and horror are nothing new. But Scott got me. His story became then not only "interesting and visual," but sucked me in and moved me, made me see what he saw, and feel what he felt, not through any literary tricks of persuasion, but by painting such a crisp, clear portrait of the world he was immersed in at the time. He immersed me in it, too.

So thank you for playing that story today. I am so grateful to have heard it. And please thank Scott Carrier for me, or let me know how I can contact him and thank him myself. He must have gone through an emotional hell while covering that story, and deserves to know that it was certainly not in vain. Keep up the good work. This is what travel journalism is all about. You went somewhere I could not, and brought it to me, so that I could learn about it, and see it, and be enriched by it.





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