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Dear Rudy and staff,

I used Airhitch, one of the consolidators you recommend, for a trip to Thailand and they were GREAT.

Trevor, my agent, was patient and knowledgeable, and the price was excellent. My arrangements were somewhat complicated by the fact that my son in New Mexico was flying from Albuquerque to Philly to meet me, then we left from JFK in NY to get to Thailand, and on the way back, he was flying from NY back to NM, not via Philadelphia. Adding to the intrigue was the fact that his departure and arrival times ((in NM) had to mesh with the 3-hour bus trip to get to the Albuquerque airport. Trevor from Airhitch worked it all out at fantastic prices and with very minimal waiting for connections. He was also very patient !!

Incidentally, on the subject of comforts in economy class...we flew JAL and everyone had personal video screens mounted right in front of them with a wide range of movies, music options, video games and a channel that let you see what the pilot was seeing as well as a map that tracked the progress of the plane in flight.Though the seats were not roomy and didn't recline a whole lot, it was still a million times more comfy than an extremely tight-packed domestic flight I took to Florida last year.



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